Scrubs V2 Kodi Addon With Install Instructions

How to Install Scrubs V2 Kodi Addon In 2022

Scrubs V2 Kodi Addon With Install Instructions

If you are looking for a simple and reliable Add-On. Which can be very interactive with movies and Series, then my friend you are at the right place. We will suggest to you the Scrubs V2 Kodi Addon With Install Instructions.

This article will tell you about “ The Installation of Scrub V2 Kodi Addon on your android device”. This is one of the most amazing addons which gets the best out of the Scrub V2 Kodi Addon and can easily integrate with the Trakt. tv.

Kodi will be available in windows, android, iOS, Mac OS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. After hearing this you might feel a bit happier than it is already available in all these major operating systems.

Scrubs V2 is similar to the Exodus Kodi Add-On which is very much popular and always in demand. It has very decent and robust functions.

Exodus Kodi Add-On comes with a lot of movies, sky channels, tv shows, radios, music videos, pictures, Series, tunes, kids’ entertainment, exercise and fitness zone, My stuff, and a lot more amazing features. The most amazing news for you all is that it is totally free or you can say it doesn’t charge you any amount.

To make use of this Add-On thoroughly you simply have to update Scrubs V2 every time you get its update available. So, based on all the requested videos Scrubs V2 makes sure that you get the best quality video streaming. It’s basically an aggregator providing working streams.

Have A Look To Select The Best VPN

Here we have mentioned some important features.

Just go through with all the features to know how much VPN is important for Kodi Add-On. For better privacy and security you need a good VPN which is useful during streaming.

VPN is also helpful to access additional tv shows and movies. It keeps all the information personal and also is useful to overcome speed limitations. Sometimes most of the information gets in the hands of hackers so for safety and best security. It is highly recommendable as well as advisable not to use Kodi without a Kodi VPN.

You can consider it as one of the best VPNs that is IPVanish. This IPVanish is a very recommended and low-cost VPN and the most amazing thing about it is that you can use it with Kodi. It offers high speed and secure access also it is very easy to use with fast online security.

After discussing all these amazing qualities, we would highly recommend you to use a VPN for Kodi without getting worried about any problem.

How To Install Scrubs V2 Kodi Addon In 2022

By following these easy and simple steps you can easily install SCRUBS V2 KODI ADD-ON and it won’t take more than 5 minutes. Just follow each and every step incorrectly. 

go through with all the following steps which are mentioned below.

  1. Go to the Kodi app on your system and wait until it loads completely.
  2. On the Kodi app interface, go to the system settings on the top left side of your screen.
  3. Click on System settings and you will see the file manager. Open the file manager. In the Panel, Please click on Add Source on left.
  4. Click over NONE.
  5. You need to just click on the URL
  6. After typing the URL, click OK
  7. Enter the name of the media source[any name] in the next box. For example: [I am using jewbmx as a media source] Click OK.
  8. Go back to the main menu.
  9. Click Add-ons.
  10. Click the add-on package installer on the left.
  11. Select Install from zip file.
  12. Click jewbmx from the pop-up.
  13. Click
  14. Please wait for the download.
  15. It will show the Repository Installed on the top right side of the screen.
  16. Select install from repository.
  17. Click JewRepo and click Video Add-ons.
  18. Click scrubs v2 and install.
  19. After clicking on install you will see a list of additional Add-On.
  20. Click ok and do wait for the notification for installation. Now you will see the notification on the top right side of the screen.
  21. Successfully installed scrubs on Kodi
  22. Go to the main menu 
  23. Kodi addon will be available

How To Install And Use The Best VPN For Stream On Kodi

Once you install Kodi Addon, you need to know how to stream on Kodi. Here we are going to discuss some easy steps which will help you to understand the installation process of the VPN for streaming on Kodi ADD-On.

1: First you need to subscription for VPN which you are going to use for streaming

2: Click to download the application on your device and install it as well.

3: After installation go to the power icon to connect a VPN server

4: Now you are all done to connect secured with the faster and best VPN for Kodi.

How To Explore Scrubs Kodi Addon

  1. Firstly, open the addon and go to the Kodi home screen.
  2. After the home screen opens add-ons and then click on video add-ons.
  3. Click the scrubs icon to proceed and you will see many categories like documentaries, tools, movies, tv shows, new episodes, networks, search.
  4. Start by picking up one of the categories that contain video content. I am giving an example, if you quickly want to have a look at new tv shows then just click on new tv episodes and you will find the results, also for more tv channels you need to go on the network category.
  5. It is very easy to find whatever you want according to your choice.
  6. Now whatever you want to open just click on it and watch anything. You can look up many categories like different networks, documentaries, movies, shows, new tv episodes, and many more.
  7. If you want to look over any other content use the search option on the main screen at the bottom of the Add-On.

Conclusion – How To Install Scrubs V2 Kodi Addon In 2022

If you want to stream in different content like tv shows, movies, new films, documentaries, tools, search, networks, new tv episodes, IMDB Lists, and many more.

We would highly recommend you to choose scrubs Kodi Add-On. Kodi is one of the most demanding free open-source Add-ons which you can use to access the selection of a huge number of categories of movies and shows.

It is available for Windows, Mac os, android, IOPS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. So, you can access Kodi ADD-On in all these major operating systems. Most important thing is that you have to install a video app in Kodi to get access to movies, series, and music.

This Add-On is one of the best which not only offers you multiple categories but also helps you to get the best-recommended options.

This is definitely the best choice among Add-Ons. Last but not least, do not forget to use a VPN for safe privacy protection and the best security system.

VPNs can provide the three main information criteria security for their users. These are confidentiality, message integrity, and authentication. All these features provide a secure and private connection for their users.

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