How to Get Hulu in Australia In 2021

How To Get Hulu In Australia – Complete Guide 2022

How to Get Hulu in Australia In 2021

Want to know how to get Hulu in Australia? Read further to know more.

Are you someone who loves to stream Tv shows and movies online? And always wanted to see something new and exciting to watch and explore? Well, you do not need to worry because here we have an amazing app that will not only give you options to watch something new, but it will keep you updated with the new and exciting content. 

Let us introduce this amazing app to none other than HULU. 

Now before any other thing, we will first discuss what the Hulu app is.

Introduction Of HULU 

Hulu is an American subscription video app that is mostly controlled and managed by The Walt Disney Company, and along with this Hulu, Disney, and ESPN and three major platforms ran and controlled by the Walt Disney Company in the United States.

In the year 2010 Hulu became the first (+)  Plus streaming service app when it launched its subscription service.

So, there won’t be any lie if I say that Hulu is one of the most top live movies and Tv shows streaming on-demand video apps with and without commercials included.

You can choose your HULU subscription plan according to your wants and interests. This app has also given an amazing option for college students with super great discounts and this plan is known as the Hulu student discount.

All eligible college-going students can take a subscription to this HULU App at a very great discount through this student discount plan. Other than this students discount plan they have also available with some other types of plans which are:

  1. Hulu (no adds) Plans
  2. Hulu Live TV Plans

Also, we are attaching the link for the Student Discount Plan.

Now, without making any further delays let’s directly get jump into the features of Hulu app.

Features Of Hulu App

There are some really cool and subtle features in the app which you can use to make your streaming experience more personalized. Now, keep reading for the update. 

  1. The most amazing and cool feature which I would like to introduce to you is that you can choose your play channels all you want. so, whenever you are watching yourself, you don’t have to go through the unnecessary ones. This amazing and fully personalized tv experience feature is only available on this HULU App.
  2. From Kid’s shows to the award functions or any movie you want, you can easily get them in this Hulu app available whenever and wherever you want to watch. Also, you can download the movies and shows to watch later in any condition with no internet available for you.
  3. Besides all these things you can also watch your favorite team’s match, just download the Hulu app and enjoy your match with Hd quality. So, from now on you don’t have to miss your favorite team’s match even when you have no access to any news channel.
  4. Hulu not only provides the video streaming app which is also known as on-demand tv-series and movies over several years. But what you might not know is that HULU also provides a live Tv streaming service which is also called HULU + Live Tv and offers you every popular and demanding tv channel by all over the viewers they have.

And the most thing that you don’t know is that this (Plus) stands for both of the services you will get under one price. Now, isn’t this amazing?

Now, You must be thinking, why do you even need a Hulu subscription when there are multiple other platforms out there in the market to see the contents and stream online? So, for that, you need to keep reading this article to get all the answers to your question.

Why Do You Need Hulu App?

  1. Basic plans and great prices.
  2. Fast updates for every new episode.
  3. Add-ons and bundles.

1. Basic plans and great prices:

Hulu’s basic plan starts only at $6, which is less than the basic plan of amazon and Netflix. They both start from $9 per month.

So, why not Hulu? However, you will get to see the ads along with the movies but that really doesn’t matter as long as you are getting the services with a lower basic price than the others.

2. Fast updates for every new episode:

Hulu is a lot faster than any other streaming app in the matter of giving updates for the contents. Hulu makes it available as soon as the show or movie gets aired in a day or two. Whereas Other apps like Netflix and amazon give updates once the session gets over. So, why not pay less and stay updated?

3. Add-ons and Bundles:

Hulu is such a thoughtful app in the favour of their viewers that they have also given the option of Bundles and Add-ons. 

Let me tell you first what this option works for this option bundles and Add-ons allow you to form other channels and platforms without having any need of downloading and keeping other apps in your phone or system. I mean how cool is this.

But not everything can be perfect about this app, which is a universal truth for everything in this world.  Similarly, this Hulu app also has some drawbacks which we will share with you now.

Shortcomings Of The Hulu App

  1. Frequent commercial advertisements
  2. Small selection in comparison to others.
  3. Not consistent with the older tv shows.
  4. Limited downloads
  5. The pricing scheme is not simple.

1. Frequent Commercial Advertisements: 

Hulu is undoubtedly amazing but there is an issue of having commercials ads along with whatever content you are streaming. Not that advertisements are also not an issue but it becomes an issue when it starts to come frequently, not every time you can tolerate it. The unwanted ads become the drawback for the app which is actually a real deal. In case you don’t have any issues then you can surely go for it.

2. Small Selection In Comparison To Others: 

In comparison to other apps which are available out there in the market, Hulu gives you very less options. Now, where Netflix gives you an option of over 1,000,000 + movies and Tv shows, and on the other side the HULU app offers you only 5000 of them. 

3. Not Consistent With The Older TV Shows: 

Hulu majorly focuses on the newer content. If you are looking for some older series there is a high chance that you don’t get the full series or even series at all. There is a chance that some episodes will not be available.

4. Limited downloads: 

Hulu only offers you to download since 20019. But for now, you can only download it on ios and iPadOS.

5. Pricing Scheme is not at all Simple: 

Customers prefer to have multiple payment options and some of them actually find Hulu’s payment plans a little complicated. Also, Hulu has recently increased its plan value which is a little more expensive than other streaming platforms. But it will be the same for the basic plan.

Now, we have already told you enough about the app. Every detail and feature about it. So, now if you remember we have told you earlier that HULU is a US-based streaming application, and if you are someone who is in Australia and want to stream this app from there. Can you do that? And if you can then the question is how? 

How can you stream HULU apps in Australia? Do not need to worry we will give you details about that and step-by-step guidance to that.

How to Watch HULU in Australia?

Well, if you are someone who wants to watch your favorite movies and tv shows in HULU from Australia then you are lucky enough because now we have a VPN, by which you can easily connect to a US Server and stream HULU by staying in Australia or anywhere outside the US.

So, this means now you do not need to work if you are in the US or Australia because we are telling you this is not for Australia but for everywhere other than the US. 

Now, without making any further delays let directly jump into the topic and see by using what methods and following what steps you can do that.

So, now the first thing you have to do is to Equip your device with this amazing VPN Service named ExpressVPN.

I am sharing the link down below for this  ExpressVPN so that you can easily download it from the link.

By using this VPN you will not only get the geo-restrictions for this app but also for all the apps you want to use but are unable to due to geo-restrictions. You can access any geo-restricted website in the world just by using this amazing VPN.

Using the HULU app without using VPN and from being outside of the US then you will get some errors.

Now, follow the following steps to use the HULU app from anywhere.

Follow all these steps one by one without any fail and skip any of the steps.  

Why Is HULU Not Available In Australia?

As we all know that Netflix is a Production House that has a very big distribution channel just like HULU is also a product that has its separate production house and these production houses do not distribute its contents through different streaming countries all around the world.

Because of this Hulu like streaming services have to follow the content distribution policies. If they don’t then they will get penalized.

And this is why Hulu is not available in Australia. Although, it does not make any sense to me as long as somebody is paying for the services I provide.

Steps To Watch HULU In Australia With VPN

  1. Firstly, all you have to do is to download any VPN. We highly recommend you to download the ExtremeVPN for which we have already given you a link to download.
  2. Now, once you are done with downloading the VPN then you have to do some simple sign-in activities like giving credentials and opening the app. 
  3. Now, once the VPN is downloaded and logged in the simple thing you have to do is to connect the VPN server to the US server from the available list in the app.
  4. Now, once everything is done. All you have to do now is to open the HULU website and log in with your account credentials after this, just sit back and enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows whichever you want to in Australia. 

Now, you can also follow these same small steps to watch HULU apps in Canada or anywhere else. However, if you already have a HULU account then you can simply skip the second step and enjoy it from Australia.

Now, as you have got the solution for your problem but the important thing is to do why do you have to use VPN for streaming this app.

And what does VPN actually do to your device that it suddenly allows you to stream the app so easily?

Now, the thing is VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which means it is capable of changing IP addresses without any harm to your device. By changing your IP address you can easily access all those websites which are restricted to certain religions only. And in this case, we were trying to connect to the US server. 

With this app, you can simply switch to the various country’s networks and watch their region-locked content. Trust me you all, there are a number of oceans out there in the market for streaming services that are flooded with high-quality shows and movies which you can watch for free.

There are some special VPN that works perfectly for this HULU app in Australia. For this, we have a complete list of the VPN apps but it is really hard to cover them all. So, therefore we have mentioned a link down below for you to check them all. You can simply choose any of them by just clicking on the link down below.

After you have logged in with the HULU app. You have to now take a subscription for it to stream your favorite series and movies. Now to take a subscription you have to follow the following steps.

How to get HULU Subscription in Australia

(Non- US Payment Methods)

Bypassing the HULU firewall means that it has already completed half of its job. What you have to do is to take a subscription for the same but you can not make payments by using Australia’s payment method for HULU because it won’t accept. So, now how can you get a subscription for it?

Here we are mentioning some methods using them you can get the subscription. So, read them clearly and follow any of them:

  1. You can easily get the HULU gift cards from the ebay app.
  2. Ask for help from a US Friend.

HULU gift cards from the ebay app

  • All need to subscribe for the premium VPN and then have to connect it with the US server
  • Then get a Hulu Gift Card, after getting a card you will receive a code on the mentioned mail
  • Now, click on the link and enter the gift card code which you have received by email.
  • Now, just create an account and then the page will open, enter your personal information with this US Zip Code (i.e., 90210)
  • And then finally, click “Submit” to get the Hulu account in Australia.

Ask for help from a US Friend

This is applicable only in the case where you have friends living in the US.

  • You take a subscription for the ExpressVPN and connect it with the US server.
  • After that click on the and then click on Start Free Trial option.
  • After selecting the Free Trial option click on select a plan and after that enter your personal info to create an account
  • After this you can enter your friend’s credit card details for making the  payment with US zip code (i.e., 90210)
  • Lastly, click on “Submit” to get a Hulu account in Australia.

How to find the best VPN for HULU in Australia

You might have been unaware of the firewall of the HULU app which is kind of very much advanced and fast on blocking VPNs and all the proxies which are of weak encryption. So, it is not a piece of cake for any normal VPN to bypass these firewalls. Therefore we have sorted out the criteria on which you can check if the VPN is good enough for Hulu in Australia or not? 

  • Check for the maximum streaming optimized servers in the US region.
  • Check if it is able to unblock some popular streaming services like HBO Max, Amazon Prime.
  • Confirm with the 24/7 live chat support and also check for the 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Check for its strong 256 bit encryption.
  • Check whether it allows you to stream HULU on Roku, Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Gaming Console
  • Also, check if it allows you to make 5 logins at a time.


We have told you almost everything about the HULU app right from its origin to how you can subscribe to it. If you are someone who is in Australia you can follow the detailed steps given to you in this article on “How To Get Hulu In Australia“. Hope you have enjoyed the article and it is helpful for you all.

Thanks for reading!

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