How to Find Recent Ad Activity on Facebook 2021

Facebook lets us use the platform for free, do you know why? Because they show us ads in Facebook’s mobile app and on the computer. This means Facebook ads are everywhere. If you don’t like the ads on Facebook, just block them. However, Facebook does allow you to view or retrieve the history of ads you’ve recently viewed and allows you to delete them. This is an ideal feature on the platform.

Similarly, Facebook can show you an announcement of a product update, the bare minimum, and you clicked on it and viewed it. But after a while, you can’t find the ad you saw or clicked on. This is because ads don’t appear permanently in your Facebook News Feed. So you probably won’t see these ads again. You may be wondering how to find the ad you clicked on or viewed previously. You can also check out this website, app, etc. (You clicked on that FB ad) again.

Don’t worry, Facebook always has an option to manage things in your account. In short, you can check, see or view recently viewed ads at any time in the Facebook mobile application and on your PC. Thanks to Facebook’s recent ad activity tool. In this article, I’ll show you everything you need to know about the Recent Ads tool in the Facebook application. So stay a while and read on…..

Current ad activity on Facebook App

For example, you can find the Recent Ads tool or feature in Facebook’s mobile application. Follow these simple steps: Just refresh your Facebook application, then press Menu (three lines in the top right corner). Press View More, and there you will see the Recent Views feature. You can click on it to see or review your ad history (that you’ve interacted with) on Facebook.

Ongoing advertising activity on Facebook

You can use the Recent Ads tool or the Facebook mobile app feature to view the history of ads you’ve interacted with. This way you can go back and check what types of ads you have seen, clicked or viewed. This way, you can only manage the views of your ads and leave your comments, such as ratings or comments, and respond to that ad. You should also know that you cannot remove an ad from your history.

Also, you cannot search for the ad you were viewing. You will only see a list of all the ads you have interacted with on Facebook. I mean in Facebook’s Current Ads tool. Also, the tool or this feature is only available in Facebook’s mobile app for Android and iPhone. PC Tools is not on Facebook yet. However, you can switch to the mobile version of Facebook on your PC and see the functionality there as well.

Searching for recently viewed ads in the Facebook application

Facebook’s Recent Ad Activity tool is the only feature that lets you find the most recently viewed ads. However, this tool is only available for the Android and iPhone Facebook applications. The process for viewing recently viewed ads on Facebook Mobile is simple. I’ll show you how to do that on Android and iPhone. For example, you can easily check the history of recently viewed ads on Facebook using your smartphone.

on Android

Follow these simple steps to find recently viewed ads in the Facebook Android mobile app: Open the Facebook application and tap the menu icon (three lines) in the upper right corner. Tap Show more information and then tap New promotional activity. You’ll see all the ads you’ve interacted with on Facebook. However, there are two tabs: Click Last View to see the ads you last viewed and Saved to see the ads you saved to view later. There are also settings that allow you to pause sponsored ads on Facebook.

Search recently viewed ads in the Facebook Android app

on iPhone

You can easily find or view ads you’ve interacted with in the Facebook mobile application for iPhone. Everything you need: Open the Facebook application on your iPhone and tap the menu icon (the three rows in the lower right corner). Now tap Show more information and then tap Recent actions in the menu list. You will now see all the ads you have viewed.

Recently viewed ads on Facebook for iPhone search

In the latest update to the Facebook for iPhone application, you have two options when you click the Recent Ads button. The Recently Used tab shows all the ads you’ve interacted with on Facebook, and the Saved tab shows the ads you’ve saved to view later.

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Copy of fresh link from Facebook Ads

If you interacted with an ad on Facebook and want to copy the link. You can do this: Go to your profile in the Facebook application. Then click on the three-dot button under the photo. Now click on the Transaction Log option. Click on the ad whose link you want to copy, then click on the three dots in the top right corner of the ad and select Copy Link. This way you can get a link to the ad in the Facebook application.

Copy link to last Facebook ad activity via Activity Log.

Otherwise, if you see an ad and want to copy the link. Then click on the button with the three dots in the top right corner of that ad and select the Copy link option. The link is copied to the clipboard and you can paste it anywhere on your device.

Copy the link to the last promotional activity on Facebook.

Message: You may not copy a link to an ad posted on Facebook using the Recent Ads feature. The two methods above are the only ones possible.

See ads you liked on Facebook

You can view the ads you like, comment on them or share them on Facebook. Just use the action log or follow the steps below: Go to your profile in the Facebook mobile application. Then click on the button with the three dots below the photo. Now click on Activity Log and you will see the ads you have liked, commented or shared. You can click the button with the three dots next to each post and choose to delete the post or comment on it. Note that in the activity log, you see these ads as normal FB posts.

You can also go to the menu and select Show Advanced Options from the list. Tap Recent promotional activities. All entries you have liked, shared or commented on will be listed there. You can delete your comments by clicking on the Like button to remove your likes. To delete a comment, go to this list, find your comment, and press and hold to delete it.

To delete the last ad activity from Facebook

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete recently viewed ads on Facebook. You can only view the ads you’ve reviewed on Facebook and leave comments. So don’t waste any more time looking for such a solution. If there is an upcoming Facebook mobile app to remove the last ad activity. We will then update the article.

History of advertising activities for your advertising account

With Facebook Ads Manager, you can view the activity history of the ads you run on Facebook. Follow these instructions: Go to the Ad Manager and click the checkbox next to one of your ad campaigns or ads. Now choose the Edit option, then History. You can also filter the type of activity by clicking on the Activity Type drop-down list. For your information: You cannot export your advertising history.

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