How To Disable Kodi Auto-update

How To Disable Kodi Auto Update On Various Platforms

How To Disable Kodi Auto-update

Do you wanna know How To Disable Kodi Auto Update? You are exactly at the right place. We will guide you on the right pathway.

Like every other app, Kodi TV also gets updated from time to time. With every update, there are few changes in the application like bug fixing, the addition of new features, enhancement in security features, improved performances, and so on. 

The latest update available on the Kodi TV is the 19th version- Matrix 19.1. By updating Kodi TV to its latest version, you will get advanced security features, better performance, the addition of a few third-party add-ons, some refinements that help it to support the latest video formats, etc.

Not everyone is a fan of updating their Kodi TV to the 19th version due to the changes made in the programming of the application. The major reason is that Kodi 19 moved over to the programming language Python 3.

Most mainstream add-ons are yet predicated to Python 2.7, the form Kodi spent until rendition 18.9 Leia. All add-ons must be changed to work with Kodi 19. That is a serious exertion and almost certainly, some Kodi addons won’t be viable with the latest significant delivery.

Further, in the article, you can read how to disable the auto-update of the Kodi app on Windows, Android, and Mac OS.

Disabling The Kodi Auto-update On Various Operating Systems

We are well aware that the Kodi TV is supportive of almost every operating system viz., Windows, Android, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc., and device viz., Firestick, Xbox, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Smart TVs, etc.

You can update the Kodi TV in two ways. The first and most common way is to update the device when you get a notification via the app that an update is available. This way you get a choice to update your application or avoid updating it.

The other way is to open your digital marketing app like Play Store (Android) and update your downloaded applications if an update is available.

*Certain features in the app will get updated regardless of your choice after a certain time. These features just help the application to keep up its performance.

Disabling The Auto-update On Windows

If you wish you avoid your Kodi application from getting auto-updated, follow the steps below and change your settings.

STEP 1: Open the Windows Store.

STEP 2: In the top right-hand side corner, you will find 3 dots icon, click on the icon.

STEP 3: Click on Settings.

STEP 4: Home ⇒ Downloaded Apps

STEP 5: Search or scroll down for the Kodi application

STEP 6: Switch the click to “Turn off” in the application.

The settings of auto-update are now turned off. This will prevent the Kodi application from getting auto-updated in the future. You can turn on this setting whenever you wish to.

Keep in mind, if your app has been updated before you turn off the setting, it will remain updated. Turning off the setting will prevent the update in the future, it will not provide you with the previous version of the application. 

Disabling The Auto-update On Android Tv

Most people use their Android TV to play games on Xbox or stream the content using the Kodi TV application. They download this application on their TV sets using the Play Store App, which is pre-installed on the TV.

Follow the steps below to know how you can disable the auto-update setting of the Kodi application on your Android TV.

STEP 1: Launch the Google Play Store from the main menu on your TV.

STEP 2: Reach out to the three lines on the top of the left corner of your screen.

STEP 3: From the menu, select My Apps and Games.

STEP 4: You will now see the list of all your downloaded applications and games on your device.

STEP 5: Search for the Kodi application.

STEP 6: Turn off the auto-update button.

Once, it is done you can rest assured that the application wouldn’t auto-update itself in the future. Doing this will also prevent the Kodi application from getting updated on the firestick as well.

You can also turn off the auto-update setting at the time of download. It prevents the app from getting updated, from the beginning.

You can change the setting whenever required.

Disabling The Auto-update On Mac Os

For those who stream the Kodi TV on their MacBooks, follow the steps below and learn how can you disable the auto-update feature.

STEP 1: Open the App Store on your MacBook

STEP 2: Click on the sidebar

STEP 3: Deselect the update switch next to Kodi App.

In case, you want to prevent a particular app, follow the first two steps exactly and then-

STEP 3: From the menu list, click on the Settings ⇒ App Store ⇒ Preferences

STEP 4: Now you can deselect auto-update under Automatic Downloads.

This setting will disable all the apps from getting auto-updated. So, you can choose either one of them to turn off the auto-update setting.


By reading the article, you have certainly understood, that how you can disable the auto-update feature of the Kodi app on different platforms. We all want our apps to stay updated, the auto-update option helps us in doing the same.

Sometimes, we do not want our apps to get updated therefore, we choose to disable this setting. A user can also manually update the apps if the auto-update setting has been turned off. 

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