How to delete Google Assistant history on Android

After public protests and lawsuits, Google had to improve the way it monitors its privacy practices. Many of the options were quite hidden, so normal users had no idea what was stored or how to delete it. You can now easily clear your Google Assistant history, including voice searches you’ve made.

You should know by now that Google stores everything. Literally every action, no matter how distant, is stored in the cloud, including the commands you’ve given to your Google Assistant that are recorded. Of course, you can also just turn off all activity tracking options, including Assistant, YouTube, Web, and App History.

If you want to make a specific conversation or even your entire Google Assistant history disappear, we have the solution for you.

Table of contents :

  1. How do I delete my Google Assistant history?
  2. Suppression of assistant activities by voice command
  3. Clear the history in your Google Account settings.

How do I delete my Google Assistant history?

By default, Google Assistant records all your voice commands and conversations with it. On all your devices assigned to a specific Google account.

Google uses both web activity and voice (or text) input to improve your user experience, deliver personalized results for your searches, and more.

That’s fine until you want to delete a particular action or activity over a period of time. Therefore, read below how you can easily delete the history of Google Assistant.

Suppress assistant activity with voice commands

You can delete Google Assistant activities only with your voice. This is ideal if you want to delete your activity from today, from an entire week, or from your last conversation with your assistant.

Below are the voice commands you can use to remove activity from Google Assistant:

  • Remove the last commandment or what the helper heard by saying: Okay, Google, that wasn’t for you.
  • To remove the last string, say: Okay, Google, remove my last chain.
  • To clear last week’s activity, say : Okay, Google, remove this week’s activity.
  • Delete today’s or yesterday’s activity, e.g. B. : Okay, Google, remove today’s/previous night’s activity.

Delete history in Google account activity settings

If you want to delete a specific activity or view only your activity, you can do so from the My Activity menu. You can see everything recorded on Google Cloud Services in detail and even play back recordings that some people have trouble with privately.

Learn how to access Google Assistant activity and delete specific conversations or searches:

  1. On your phone, open Google Assistant and unfold it. You can do this with a voice trigger (say OK, Google or Hello, Google) or with a keyboard shortcut.
  2. Click on your account icon in the top right corner.
  3. Then press the three-dot menu and open My Activity.
  4. Then determine the action you want to delete, click on the menu with the three dots and delete it.

To delete everything, click on the three-option menu next to the search box and choose Delete Activity. Then press All Hours and confirm the request.

Disable web and application activity

If you don’t want Google to record or save requests to your Google Assistant, you can do so by turning off activity on websites and in applications. This can be done in the Activity Management menu. Note that this may affect the responsiveness and overall experience of Google Assistant.

Follow these steps to disable web and application activity:

  1. As in the previous step, go to My Activity.
  2. Then, in the Activity and Web Applications area, click Edit.
  3. Here you can disable web and app activity (Chrome, app and device history). You can also uncheck the Enable voice and sound box if you don’t want Google to store your voice in the cloud.

That should do it. Thank you for reading and we hope you are satisfied with the explanation. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do us a favor and let us know in the comments section below.

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