How to complete Hunter operator mission Boots on the Ground in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

Call of Duty players have a choice of operators: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer matches and if you participate in one of the Warzone matches. These operators are retained for many seasons of the game and are given new operator missions that allow players to unlock unique skins that they can wear to deviate from their standard look. In Season 3, Hunter offers a new set of Operator missions for players who have purchased a Battle Pass, called Boots on the Ground.

If you want to complete these missions and unlock the corresponding skins, you must reach level 70 in the Battle Pass season 3. Once you reach level 70, you must equip the Hunt Operator before performing any tasks.

How to manage operator jobs in the field


These are all the tasks you need to complete Boots on the Ground quests while playing Call of Duty : Black Ops Cold War or Warzone multiplayer matches.

  • Objective 1: Kill 7 enemies near the exploded smoke grenades.
    • Price : 1500 XP and a calling card from the ambush hunter.
  • Objective 2: Score 25 kills with an assault rifle with extended magazine.
    • Price : 2000 XP and the hunter’s torchbearer skin
  • Third objective: get 5 kills with fragmentation grenades
    • Price : 2,500 XP and the Yankees Emblem
  • Goal Four: Kill with your primary, secondary and lethal equipment without dying.
    • Reward: 3000 XP and Cold Front Hunter in leather.

The first goal can be a little difficult. You have to throw a smoke grenade next to any enemy you want to destroy. When participating in warzone matches, we recommend doing so with a friend who can provide suppression fire. You should do this if you are in a higher position than your enemy, for example. B. from the top of a building. Taking the enemy by surprise is the best choice for this task.

The next task is to destroy 25 enemies with an assault rifle with an extended magazine. You can choose any model of assault rifle in Black Ops Cold War or Warzone mode to accomplish this task. This shouldn’t be a difficult task, but it will take some time.

The next task is to defeat five enemies with a fragmentation grenade. You can do this in every multiplayer match and in the Warzone. In a multiplayer match this can be easier, as they can be much smaller and you can reload pretty quickly in most game modes. The war zone might be a little harder because it can be open and everyone is walking around.

The final task of the ground operator boats is killing with primary, secondary and lethal equipment. Because this seems very difficult, we recommend you do this in a Warzone match. You can start the game by knocking out an enemy with the weapon you start with, picking up the main weapon as quickly as possible, and finding another enemy nearby that falls from the sky. Killing the deadly equipment will prove to be the hardest part. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a C4 or a Claymore soon.

Once you complete all of these tasks, you’ll unlock all of the colorful skins for Hunter in season 3 of Battle Passage. You can’t start it until you reach level 70 on the track.

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