Guardian Tales Patch Notes Today Update May 4, 2021

Today the Guardian Tales team has released a small patch in which they have addressed some of the issues present in the game. The list of changes is as follows: – Easter eggs are now allowed in the game. – New avatars have been added to the game. – The prices of different skins and avatars have been reduced. – Experience gained from bots has been reduced. – Some of the game’s mechanics have been changed.

Guardian Tales is a popular fantasy game where you control a group of heroes who are locked in deadly battles with monsters. The game has just received a new update that brings a complete overhaul of the character creation process, new character classes, new gameplay mechanics and a new storyline. Here are the patch notes as published by the dev team: New Character Creation Process ~ Character creation process has been reworked from the ground up. All new models and animations have been added, and for the first time, a character’s hair color is now customizable. For a limited time, the first character you create will receive a custom weapon that is only available during this event. New Class: Paladin ~ Paladin is a tank class that can take a lot

The Guardian Tales patch notes update has been released, and players of this game are excited to see what changes have been made to the game. We have a full patch description for this update so you can learn more about this game.

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Guardian Tales Patch Notes Today 4. May 2021

Master Arena Beta Time

  • The Master Arena beta is also open for a week of co-op play. (20:00~22:00)
  • It will be officially opened in the future because of the beautification.
  • We ask for your patience and valuable feedback on areas for improvement.
  • You can use it 10 times a day, as much as the existing arena.
  • The added master arena is a beta, and progression can be unstable according to Guardian Tales’ patch notes.

Hero parameter

  • Set up your hero in advance before you start the fight.
  • When a battle begins, you cannot change the hero’s equipment or cards.

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Forbidden Heroes Institutions

  • A prohibited hero defined by an opponent and a prohibited hero defined by an opponent cannot be used.
  • You can start a fight after installing an exiled hero with the Guardian Tales patch notes.

Heroic choice

  • Each knight chooses his own hero.
  • The order to appear is unknown to the other party.
  • When a participating hero is confirmed, the player’s chosen hero and the opponent’s chosen hero are revealed simultaneously.
  • Each hero is chosen three times.
  • Even when the fight starts, the second and third hero are not revealed to the opponent.
  • After choosing the hero involved in the game, the order of appearance will be determined by the Guardian Tales patch notes.

Recognition workshop

  • Added a new level to explore the world.
  • During the world exploration phase, the turn does not automatically end until the player presses the End of Turn button.
  • Added ability to move around the map during the world exploration phase without leaving the village.
  • Entering the world exploration phase just before midnight, a warning text was added so as not to spoil the plan.

Improvement of guild system

Automatic delegation of guild master in case of long term failure

  • If the guild master does not meet for more than 14 days, the authority of the guild master automatically passes to the other guild members.
    • Delegated objective: Pilot approached for the first time when conditions for automatic delegation are met.
    • Guild masters are demoted to normal guild members.
    • If a guild does not have the goal of delegating a guild master, it will not be delegated.
    • When auto-delegation occurs, it will be reported in the guild chat window with the Guardian Tales patch notes.

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Change the search method for guild invitations

  • The search method changed to hashtag search method.
  • If you enter the last digit of the nickname, you can find the desired driver.

Notification of guild leave

  • If there has been a staff change in the guild, you will be able to see the status of the person when they withdraw or are excluded.
  • Even if you leave the guild yourself, you will be informed in the guild chat.

New event

Special participation events for new drivers

  • For more information about the event, see the [Event] bulletin board.
  • There will be a special event for first-time buyers at Guardian Tales.
  • The new driver presence event is updated every specified period.

Special event for returning drivers

  • The attendance event for returning drivers is updated in each set period.
  • Accounts that qualify for the event can also get an additional support package (for free) for returning fighters.
  • There will be a special event for returning knights in Guardian Tales.
  • For more information about the event, see the [Event] bulletin board.

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Pickup Summon: I can also choose

  • For more information about the event, see the [Event] bulletin board.
  • The Guardian Tales patch notes explain how to summon new and existing heroes.

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