How to Install Fen Kodi Add On

How to Install Fen Kodi Add On 2022

How to Install Fen Kodi Add On

Do you wanna the steps to install the Fen Kodi Add On? So, you are at the right place. Read further to know about it.

Kodi TV is a free and open-source software used to stream movies, videos, photos, games, etc. It is managed and was developed by a non-profit organization called Kodi Foundation.

The Kodi TV application has many versions, the latest and updated one of them is the Kodi 19 Matrix. The Kodi application does not come with any pre-installed media so you can either play your media or the ones available in the add-ons section of the Kodi TV.

Among many other add-ons, Fen Add-on is also one of the most popularly used add-ons of the Kodi TV. It is a premium quality add-on which streams high-quality content. Certain features that set apart the Fen Kodi Add-on from the other third-party add-ons available on Kodi TV are-

  • It has a custom-styled menu list.
  • One can maintain a separate list for marking their favorite shows and movies.
  • It has an efficient and structured user interface.
  • It is compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix.
  • A custom list can be created using filters.

As mentioned above, the Fen Kodi Add-on is a premium third-party add-on so it requires a premium hoster like Real Debrid to maintain the standard of its streaming quality. Integrating the Fen add-on with the Real Debrid account will help you stream the movies and videos in superb quality in a buffer-free environment.

In this article, we will be discussing how to install the Fen Kodi Add-on, the integration of Real Debrid and Fen Add-on, and the usage of VPN with Kodi TV.


VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that helps you access all the contents available on the Kodi TV add-ons without any barrier. It helps you to set your location in any desired place without actually being there.

You can easily disguise your identity and confine your private information using a VPN service. All of this is possible because you can cover the tracks of your online surfing from your Internet Service Provider or ISP and the government.

To view contents in the Kodi TV application, you must download the third-party add-ons. Downloading these third-party add-ons requires enabling the unknown sources on your device, which might lead to risks on the information saved on your device. To protect your device from such risks, a VPN service is a must-have. Also, the VPNs help you to access the data that are inaccessible otherwise.

Some of the most commonly used VPN service providers are Nord VPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, IvacyVPN, IPVanish, etc., that are available at different prices, with different data transferring speeds, number of servers, etc. 

Take account of your preferences and choice while selecting a VPN service provider.

WarningKeep in mind that accessing the rights-reserved content using a VPN is illegal. If caught, it is a punishable offense. Investing in a VPN service is totally the choice of the user.

Installing FEN Kodi Add on

The Fen Kodi Add-on is an extravagant add-on with spectacular features. But, it is not available in the official repository of the Kodi TV application so, it has to be downloaded from the Tikipeter Repository. The official website to download this repository is GitHub, this website has a huge collection of such repositories.

Given below are simple steps that you can follow to install the Fen Kodi Add-on using the Tikipeter Repository

STEP 1: Open the Kodi application.

STEP 2: Click open the Settings ⇒ System 

STEP 3: Select the Add-ons in the left-hand side menu and on the right side you will see Unknown Sources*, enable it if it’s not.

STEP 4: Head back to the Systems screen and open File Manager

STEP 5: Select Add Source ⇒ None

STEP 6: In the given space, type the following URL: 

STEP 7: A dialogue box will appear, give a name to your source media file- “FEN” and click OK.

STEP 8: Return to the System main screen and open Add-ons from the left-hand side menu list.

STEP 9: Now, you just have to click on “Install from ZIP file”

STEP 10: You will find the folder “Fen” and click open it.

STEP 11: Within the folder, you will find a ZIP file URL-

STEP 12: Now wait for the repository to download.

STEP 13: After the repo has been installed, click “Install from repository”

STEP 14: Select the repository you want to install from, here, Tikipeter’s Repository

STEP 15: Main Menu ⇒ Add-ons ⇒ Video Add-ons

STEP 16: Under Video Add-ons, click on Fen from the list.

STEP 17: Click on Install.

STEP 18: Click OK when a dialogue box will appear presenting all the affiliated files that will be downloaded with the Fen Add-on.

STEP 19: Wait for the add-on to get successfully installed. You will see the floating icon in the top right corner.

STEP 20: Head back to the Main Screen ⇒ Add-ons ⇒ Video Add-ons

STEP 21: Select Fen ⇒ OK

STEP 22: Enjoy! Your brand new add-on will be installed soon.

*A warning will show up as soon as you will enable the UNKNOWN SOURCE, as it exposes your device to threats.

Connecting Real Debrid And Fen Kodi Add-on

Real Debrid is a service that lets you stream into the highest definition quality of content with a buffer-free experience. The premium quality content available on the Fen Kodi Add-on can be streamed, only when you link it with the Real Debrid account.

Following are the showing how you can connect Real Debrid and Fen Kodi Add-on.

STEP 1: Open the Kodi Application

STEP 2: Click on My Accounts under the Video Add-ons screen

STEP 3: Click on Authorize mentioned below Real Debrid

STEP 4: As soon as, you will press the Authorize tab. You will receive an authorization code, copy the code for the further step.

STEP 5: Open a web browser now, enter the following URL to visit the official website of Real Debrid 

STEP 6: Fill in all your details to sign-up 

STEP 7: Enter the authorization code you received formerly, after logging into your account.

STEP 8: Voila! Real Debrid and Fen Kodi Add-on are now connected. You can name your device accordingly.


Fen Kodi Add-on is a premium add-on that is compatible with the latest Kodi 19 version. It uses premium services like the Real Debrid to perform at its best. You can view all the content available on the Fen Kodi Add-on with a decent internet connection and VPN.

ReminderBefore you download this third-party add-on make sure to read all the warnings and terms & conditions associated with it. You must consider the risk factors if you plan to access the rights reserved content on this add-on. Also, not all the contents present on this add-on are illegal.

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