How To Install Fdj Hd Kodi Add On

How To Install Fdj Hd Kodi Add On 2022

How To Install Fdj Hd Kodi Add On

Do you wanna know how to install Fdj Hd Kodi Add On? Read further to know more.

Looking for some exquisite music? You’ve arrived at the right destination. In this article, I will tell you about the musical add-on on the Kodi application, the FDJ.HD Kodi Add-on. A renowned French DJ is the developer of this add-on. He is a celebrated DJ for his eminent music management. 

The add-on is a fiesta for any music lover around the world. It is divided into various music genres like-

  • Music concerts
  • Live music
  • Electronic music
  • Documentaries
  • Movie games
  • Short films
  • Radio shows
  • Podcasts and many more.

The FDJ.HD Kodi Add-on is compatible with the latest 19th version of the Kodi application. You can install the Kodi application on your desired device like Android mobile and TV, Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, PlayStation console, Xbox One using their app stores.

Read the article to learn more and install the add-on on your device.

Installing The Fdj Hd Kodi Add on

The FDJ.HD Kodi Add-on can be installed in the following two ways. You can select a suitable method for yourself. Let’s start.

Installing from Alivegr Repository

Installing the Alivegr Repository

The steps mentioned below will direct you on how to install the FDJ.HD Kodi Add-on through the Alivegr Repository.

We will begin with installing the Alivegr Repository

STEP 1: Open the Kodi application.

STEP 2: Open Settings ⇒ System

STEP 3: Click open the Add-on tab.

STEP 4: You will find a switch button in the Unknown Source*, turn it “ON”. This will enable the unknown sources on your device.

STEP 5: Return to the Settings

STEP 6: Open the File Manager.

STEP 7: Click on Add Source

STEP 8: In the dialogue box, click on <None>

STEP 9: Next you will find a space to enter a URL. Type the exact URL- and hit on OK.

STEP 10: Underneath the URL, name your source media file- “Alivegr”

STEP 11: Head to the Homepage.

STEP 12: Add-ons ⇒ Add-on Browser ⇒ “Install From ZIP File”

STEP 13: Within this folder, open the Alivegr file.

STEP 14: Open the

STEP 15: A few more minutes and your brand new repository will be installed on your device and you will receive the message disclosing the details of the successful installation.

*Unknown Source should be enabled to install the repository from external sources. Enabling the unknown sources often lead you to dangers like virus attack, hacking, or phishing. To protect your device from such threats, you should bethink about subscribing a VPN service.

You can disable the unknown sources as per your requirement. 

How To Install Fdj Hd Kodi Add On 2022

Installing the FDJ HD Kodi Add on

Posterior to the installation of the “Alivegr Repository”, follow the steps given below to install the FDJ HD Kodi Add-on-

STEP 1: After installing the repository, head to the Add-on page.

STEP 2: Add-ons ⇒ Add-on Browser ⇒ Install From Repository

STEP 3: Open the folder and look for your recently installed repository- Alivegr Repository. 

STEP 4: Select the Video Add-on category.

STEP 5: Pick your add-on, the FDJ.HD Kodi Add-on

STEP 6: Click on the Install button placed at the bottom of the window.

STEP 7: As you will hit the Install button, a dialogue box will appear displaying all the affiliated files commonly known as Dependencies*. Hit the Yes tab to continue the installation process.

STEP 8: Congratulations! Your Add-on is now installed and you can enjoy the great music collection now.

*Dependencies are the additional add-ons that have to be installed with the principal add-on. These additional add-ons guarantee the proper and smooth functioning of the principal add-on. You must delete these files only when you intend to delete the principal add-on. 

Installing from GitHub

The FDJ HD Kodi Add-on can also be installed from the official website of GitHub.

GitHub is a website with a huge collection of external repositories. You can install the repositories from this website if they are not available on the official repository of Kodi.

Follow the steps mentioned below and install the add-on through Github-

STEP 1: Open the Kodi application.

STEP 2: Add-on ⇒ Program Add-ons

STEP 3: Start the GitHub Browser ⇒ Search by GitHub Username

STEP 4: A search path will appear, type “Frenchdj” and hit the OK button.

STEP 5: Select the relative ZIP File from the given list- This will support the automatic update of your add-on.

STEP 6: Click on the Install tab.

STEP 7: The ZIP File will be shortly installed on your device.

STEP 8: Click on continue to install your add-on.

STEP 9: Select the file and click on the Install button to begin the installation process of your add-on.

STEP 10: A dialogue box will appear displaying all the additional add-ons, click on Yes to continue the procedure.

STEP 11: You’ll be directed to the home screen and then you can restart your app to quickly install the add-on.

The wait is over. Your FDJ.HD Kodi Add-on is properly installed and ready to be used.

Linking Kodi with VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that enciphers your identity, location, and browsing history to protect you from invaders like hackers, phishers, and viruses online. It is recommended to link your Kodi application to a VPN service to ensure the safety of your private information and device.

When you enable unknown sources to install the Add-ons on your device, you unintentionally give away access to your device and confidential information stored on it, to the hackers and phishers. There are plenty of VPN services that come with decent security settings that help you in protecting your device. The most common ones among them are-

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN
  • IPVanish VPN
  • Ivacy VPN
  • Cyber Ghost 

The VPN also gives you access to the geo-restricted websites and content on add-ons. As you can encipher your location, so you can fake a location without bothering your ISP and government. The VPN connects you to the public WiFi that helps you increase your data transmitting speed.

Warning: VPN helps you in streaming into the rights reserved data without any obstructions. By streaming into such content you intend to break the law which might lead you to a punishable offense. Think twice before investing your money in a VPN service.


Enjoy an endless supply of great music in various genres with the FDJ.HD Kodi Add-on. You can follow either of the methods given above to install the Add-on on your device. Make sure to thoroughly read all the steps and notes to avoid any hindrance during installation.

A VPN service is recommended to use with Kodi. It not only protects your device but also you and provides a wide range of content. 

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