Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

How To Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon In 2022

Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

In this very article, we will be talking about an addon namely the Exodus Redux Kodi Addon, and how one can install and open this very addon into his / her devices in order to enjoy the applications feature.

Now, there is no doubt that most of us like to watch movies, TV shows, live sports, or games or shows. So, if you really are someone who likes all such things mainly watching movies and TV series or shows, or if you are someone who is looking for an online platform for streaming thousands of movies and shows then the Exodus Redux Kodi Addon is one kind of addon that will attract you towards itself very much.

This is because the Exodus Redux Kodi Addon is an efficient yet simple add-on and that too as well with just some of the one-click movie playlists.

Now, we will take a look and talk about the Exodus Redux Kodi Addon and what kind of addon this very thing is. So, Exodus Redux is basically a newer Kodi addon that simply gives you access to a lot of movies and TV shows.

It sure looks a lot like the very much popular Exodus Kodi addon ( which is also called V8 ) and it even has the same kind of logo. But, one thing that can be said for sure is that on comparing the two addons, Exodus Redux is fairly better than the Exodus addon.

The in-depth report of the very Exodus Kodi Addon surely provides you with each and everything that you need and require to know about the Exodus Kodi add-on on Fire TV, Firestick, Android TV Box, or just any other device.

Now, one needs to understand this very thing is that the Exodus Redux is basically a Fork from the very original Exodus add-on that now just uses Open Scrapers to search for the links.

The Exodus Redux Kodi Addon has movies, TV shows, and some other very interesting sections in a well-laid-out format. It basically has been updated in need to use the new Open Scrapers with the very old version using just the Lambda Scrapers to pull in the links.

To go and learn more about the Exodus Redux addon this addon itself has not been updated in more than a while but the Open Scrapers this addon uses are updated by other sources.

While the Exodus Redux addon still works, there has not been any recent development to it. Until there come new updates the best thing to do is just to use other top add-ons for the need to supplement it.

How To Install The Exodus Redux Kodi Addon:-

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that you will be first sideloading this very add-on onto Kodi. Therefore then, you will be having the first very five steps for enabling the option Unknown Sources.

Now, make sure that you will take all these steps carefully as only by following these steps only you will be getting the Kodi add-on. The installation part of this very process will be starting only after completing all these steps.


  1. Firstly, we run the Kodi app. After opening up the app you will be seeing the home screen. Now, in the top-left corner of the app is the setting option which is a gear image. So, you just have to click on that gear image which is under the logo of Kodi as shown in the above image. By doing this, you will be opening the Kodi Settings.
  2. Now, you will be needing to click on the System option ( for the users of Kodi 18 Leia ). But if you are someone who uses Kodi 17.6 Krypton, then you will need to click on the System Settings.
  3. Now, as you open the next screen, on the left side of the screen there is a menu on which there is an option of Add-ons and you need to click it.
  4. Now, on the right side, you can clearly see the Unknown Sources. You just need to switch the toggle to turn it on.
  5. You just need to confirm that you wish to keep the Unknown Sources switch on by just clicking on the Yes.
  6. Now, you may need to go back to the Settings menu again ( just press the back button one time or navigate to the Settings from the home screen of the Kodi again ). Now, just click on the File Manager as shown in the below image.
  7. Now you see the below-shown window. Just keep going forward by clicking on the Add source.
  8. Now, just click on the option <None> on the next screen.
  9. Use the URL: https://i-a-c.github.io/. Now, just click on OK.
  10. Now you will be required to name the source path. Although, you can give it any name you want it will be preferred if you make it identifiable. You are going to use it later. Just name it Redux and click OK.
  11. Now the Kodi 18 users will have to go to the Settings menu again and choose Add-ons.
  12. Now just click on the Add-on Package Installer icon.
  13. Now, we will need to click on Install from the zip file and open it.
  14. Here, you can clearly see the source pathname you added. Now, click Redux.
  15. Remember to always open the zip file with the latest version. In this very case, it is repository.exodusredux-0.0.8.zip.
  16. Now, you just have to wait for Exodus Redux Repo Installed notification which can be found in the top-right corner.
  17. Open Install from repository.
  18. Click on the Exodus Redux Repo.
  19. Now, just go on the Video add-ons and open it.
  20. Then, it is required to click on Exodus Redux addon on the list.
  21. Now, just go and click on the Install option.
  22. A pop-up box will show up, just click on the Ok.

By doing and completing all the above steps, the Exodus Redux Kodi Addon will be successfully installed.

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