Droid Buddy APK Download

Droid Buddy APK Download (Updated) 2022 – Quick & Simple Guide

Droid Buddy APK Download

Looking for Droid Buddy APK Download? Read further to know more about it.

Droid Buddy APK Download is a tool that can help you to download and install any app for Android devices. This doesn’t require root privileges, and it’s very easy to use. It supports all versions of Android from 2.0 up to the latest version, which makes it perfect for anyone with an older device that needs newer apps or games installed on their phone or tablet.

You can download Droid Buddy APK from the official site, or by using the QR code to your right. Using it is very simple, so I won’t be explaining every step in-depth here. First of all, you’ll need to allow installations from unknown sources on your device. To check this setting press Settings > Security -> Unknown Sources and make sure the box is ticked.

After this, you can go and download Droid Buddy APK and its file will be downloaded to your device in a matter of seconds. When the download is done, just open the app and select the apps you want to install on your device. Once that’s done you can click Install Apps or just Install to start the process.

Install Apps will install all apps at once, and Install simply installs the first app you selected. I’d recommend installing them one by one so you can keep track of what’s going on and don’t mess up your system by mistake. The last step is to click Open and this will open each app as it’s installed.

That’s it, Droid Buddy APK Download will do the rest of the work for you. The app I installed on my phone was Futurama Head in a Jar, and it works great even on Gingerbread 2.3.6 which is what I’m using right now. Droid Buddy APK Download supports all Android devices and can be used on non-rooted phones and tablets.

If you ever need to install Android apps or games on your device, Droid Buddy APK is a great tool to use since it’s easy to download and install. The app itself takes around 1MB of storage space, so there’s no reason not to give this a try.

Please note that Droid Buddy APK Download is free to download, but the APK file itself is not. You can download it either on your phone or on your computer then copy it into the device later. If you find yourself using this app more often then make sure you donate some money to its creator so he can continue giving Android users the tools they need to make their devices better.

How to Install Droid Buddy APK on your Android Device?

The first thing that you need to do is download the APK file onto your computer, then connect your android device to your computer via USB cable. Make sure that “USB Debugging” is turned on in Settings > Developers Options > turn on USB debugging. Next, copy and paste the downloaded APK file into a folder named “APPS.”

On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow installation of apps from unknown sources (enable Unknown Sources). Then open up ES File Explorer or Astro File Manager and install this new app using one of these methods: 

  1. Clicking on the .apk file with a Droid Buddy in front of it and then choose “Install.”
  2. Clicking the pencil icon, choosing Local > Downloads > [holding down on APK], and selecting install.
  3. Open up your browser and send the file to your device: http://goo.gl/Bqr9Z0. When prompted, install the APK file.

Once the installation is complete, go to your app drawer and open up the app named ” Configure The Universal TV Remote .” Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on, then click on “Locate Me.” You should see a message saying that it’s searching for your TV device.

After successfully pairing with your TV (follow the onscreen instructions), the Configure Universal Remote app will automatically open up your TV brand. If it doesn’t, go to Settings > About and press the “Find New Device” button in order for this app to update its database with your TV brand.

Now that you have successfully set up your universal remote control app, let’s start learning the basics. Most universal remotes allow you to control up to eight devices (if not, then there is an option for setting up another device) and the app has two sections: Devices & Favorites.

The Devices Section- You can see all of your connected TV brands in this section, so choose the brand of your television set. In this tutorial, I will be using a Panasonic TV, so I will select the “Panasonic” option.

This section has four icons: Volume Up/Down, Channel Up/Down, Mute On/Off, and Power On/Off. This is where you can start controlling the channels, volume levels, and power of your television set. Make sure that you are on the “Watch TV” mode.

How to Install Droid Buddy 2 APK on Amazon Fire Stick TV?

Do you have a Fire Stick TV and want to install the Droid Buddy 2 APK? You’re not alone. There are many people who want to find out how to get this popular app on their Amazon device. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how this can be accomplished.

How to Install Android Apps on Amazon Fire Stick TV?

If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick and want to turn it into a Google Play streaming media player, Droid Buddy 2.0 is a great first app choice. It’s a free Android utility that connects your Fire Stick to dozens of other apps from the Play Store that aren’t available on Amazon’s Appstore. Here’s how to install Droid Buddy 2.0 on your FireTV Stick, and open up a whole new universe of apps for streaming media devices.

First thing you need to do is turn on ADB Debugging for your Fire TV device by going to Settings > Device > Developer Options > ADB debugging. If you can’t find developer options, you can turn them on by going into Settings > System and then About, and repeatedly tapping the Build Number entry until a notification pops up saying that you are now X steps away from being a developer.

Once your Fire TV Stick is detected by your computer, type adb connect 192.168. 0.105:5555 at the terminal (you’ll need your Fire Stick’s IP address, which you can get by looking at the network settings on your TV). If everything is set up correctly, ADB Debugging will display “connected to 192.168 . 0.105:5555” when the connection is made.

Now all you need to do is type adb install DroidBuddy20.apk at the terminal, and hit Enter on your keyboard. The app will be pulled down to your Fire Stick, and you can run it on your device by navigating to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications.

Droid Buddy 2 is a great place to start when trying to install Android apps on Amazon Fire TV Stick. It’s a simple utility, but it does its job well and is worth checking out.

Droid Buddy 2 will either install on your Fire TV Stick automatically or give you an error saying that ADB debugging isn’t working properly. If the latter happens, try restarting your computer and repeating these steps from the beginning. If you have any trouble installing the APK, comment and we’ll try to help you out.

If you run into any problems with your installation, feel free to comment and we’ll try to help you out! Otherwise, give Droid Buddy 2.0 a spin after you’re done with these step-by-step instructions and see how it works for you.

Droid Buddy 2 App Features

The DROID BUDDY 2 is a new app that provides users with the ability to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and even view incoming emails. The best part is that it does all of this in secrecy! Check out these features: 

  • Secretly answer or ignore phone calls on your own time without having to reveal your identity 
  • Send secret text messages from one number to another 
  • View all incoming emails without revealing your IP address 
  • Take pictures of anyone who tries to access your device or extract information 
  • Capture video of people spying on you and secure it with an encrypted code to view privately in the gallery
  • Control other apps on your phone, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, WhatsApp (see how below)

Media files can be captured through the “Media” app on your device. Simply launch the Media app, choose which file you want to capture, tap “Secret photo”, then tap “YES“. The encrypted code of that photo will immediately show up in your gallery.

To secure private media files, navigate your Gallery and select the photo or video you wish to secure with an encrypted code. Once selected, follow these steps:

  • Choose which account you wish to share this file with (your phone is automatically chosen) 
  • Input a title for the file  (the title shows up when someone enters their passcode to view your secret photo) 
  • Enter a password for said passcode (4 digits only) – Enter it again to confirm  
  • After the passcode is confirmed, a screen will flash briefly and your secure photo/video can be found in your Gallery

The Droid Buddy 2 does not have any ads or fees associated with it. You can download it by text messaging “Skyhook” to 797979. In return, you will receive an SMS from Verizon Wireless that looks like this: http://imgur.com/jg4whfQ

If you do not use Verizon Wireless, simply navigate to www.skyhookwireless.com using a wifi connection and enter the code received in the above message into the “Coupon Code” box at the top of their page. After doing so, select either Android or iOS under “Operating System”, then click “Proceed to Checkout” at the bottom of their page.

You can also download this app by connecting to a Verizon Wireless 3G/4G LTE network, powering off your device, then turning it back on while holding down both volume buttons until you see an android in a white bubble with a red exclamation point in its chest. Then press 7 – 9 (the number depends on which phone you have) and your device will reboot into Safe Mode. If done correctly, you should be greeted by the Android robot below:

Make sure that “Data services” is enabled or else the app would not work properly! Do NOT attempt to enable other data services such as Mobile Hotspot – this may cause issues when attempting to use the Droid Buddy 2.

Pros & Cons of Droid Buddy 2 APKK

PROS: Ability to answer/ignore phone calls, send secret text messages, and view incoming emails without having to reveal your identity. Capture pictures of anyone who tries to access your device or extract information. Control other apps on your phone with a single press. Secure private media files with a passcode that you set yourself, through an encrypted code displayed in the gallery.

CONS: Only available for Verizon Wireless customers. Cannot disable Droid Buddy 2 from dialer once installed (requires root). The developer’s website does not have any tutorials for this app yet – sure hope it doesn’t need them!


If you’re looking for a way to stay connected with your friends and family, Droid Buddy is the app for you. This free Android application lets you call anyone in your contacts list at any time of day or night without worrying about long-distance charges.

You can also send messages back and forth on this messenger service that won’t count against your text messaging plan minutes. It doesn’t matter what type of phone carrier you have because it works anywhere there is LTE, 3G, 2G network coverage- even if they use Sprint!

And when traveling abroad, no roaming charges will show up on your bill from using it overseas either. All these features make Droid Buddy an excellent addition to an Android device.

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