Copies of Copies Challenge Destiny 2 Guide

Destiny 2 Beyond Light remains a weekly raid with lots of raid encounters. The Aoraki 1 raid is being challenged by Destiny 2. You’ll have to work with your team to complete the Destiny 2 challenge quests.

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As for rewards, you will be rewarded with an extra loop at the end of the race. You get this extra loot on top of the normal loot. Copy testing becomes easy if you focus on single-phase tracks-1. You can complete Destiny 2’s Copies of Copies challenge without the single-stage Attacks 1 boss, but it will be more difficult if you’re dealing with a long fight.

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Destiny Call Copies 2 Manual

The Copies of Copies challenge is incredible in terms of rewards, but Guardians also have to juggle starting Replication falling off A-1 tracks to deal damage. When you take the replicator debuff, it spreads through the airlock and into space. You must maintain these impairments for the duration of the encounter, and you cannot have these impairments pulled into a vacuum for Spear of Spears in the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

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You should start with 4 guards going to the room and 2 staying downstairs. The four supervisors on-site need a scanner and an operator. And the remaining 2 guards should continue to rotate between lower and higher levels, focusing on Attacks-1 and DPS.

In addition, they should remove add-ons so that the operator and scanner can do their jobs with a minimal interface. And the 2 guards on the lower level take over the role of scanner and operator.

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The operator must remove all guards holding him before the remaining time reaches zero. A Guardian that held a replication output must take it back to reset the timer; the replication output can be removed anywhere on the map.

After the initial space damage phase, the scanner receives the replication debug and sends the scanner buffer down as usual. The 2 DPS guards make their own way down, which helps the scanner and operator during this time on the low side. Note that all guards in the deep stone tomb must die if the number of guards drops to zero during the replication weakening.

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The guards want to keep this rotation, and the guards who have the replication debuff stay ahead. When Guardians reach the Last Stand Atrax-1 mechanic, they should complete it as normal and receive their reward after completing Atrax-1 and the weekly Destiny Trial 2 spear raid.

Destiny is available to download now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S.

So, that was all about the copies of the Destiny 2 challenge guide copies. I hope you like our approach.

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