How To Change App Icons On Android Devices in 2022

How To Change App Icons On Android Devices in 2022

How To Change App Icons On Android Devices in 2022

Change App Icons On Android

Looking for a way to Change App Icons On Android? Considering that one of the most interesting aspects of Android smartphones is the different levels of customization they offer users, I think boredom is the last thing an Android user should experience. New layouts, fun backgrounds, and different icons can give your phone a new look when you’re bored with the current one.

So, if you have recently started feeling that your app icons are not funny enough, try one of these methods that explain how to change app icons on your Android phone.

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Ways to change the icon of an application on Android

There are two ways to change Android icons. The first method is to use the launcher and the second method is to use a separate icon package. Both methods do not require the phone to be rooted.

Method 1: Operation of the starter

You can choose from a wide range of launchers on the Play Store. Check reviews and comments to make sure you choose a launcher that works well and fits your device. Once you have chosen the launcher you want to use on your phone, simply download and install it.

Once the launcher is installed, you are automatically asked if you want to use the launcher when you press the Home button. Select the default setting. Depending on the setting, you may be asked to enter additional screen settings.

Users who have used the launcher before can also import the settings from their previous installation. Otherwise, you may have to spend some time migrating various widgets and applications to the home screen.

Some pitchers, like. B. Nova Launcher even lets you choose an image from the gallery for the application icon. With this amazing flexibility in customizing application icons, you can constantly assign new icons to your applications, whether it’s from images in your gallery or from different launchers.

Lighters offer a variety of wallpapers, themes, and application icons that you can use to customize your device. Some of these may contain ads, but they work well, especially if you’re someone who likes variety when it comes to the look of your phone.

Method 2: Use of the application

Some of our readers are not comfortable with a launcher. But they don’t hesitate to change application icons to give their phone a new look. In such a situation, the app is a good way to change application icons without changing the phone interface via the launcher. Apps like Awesome Icons and Icon Changer are known to be user-friendly apps that allow you to edit your Android icons.

Depending on the application, the steps for use are different. But for most apps that allow you to change icons, after downloading and installing the app, you need to click on the app to open it, and then select the apps for which you want to change the icons. For some applications, you can even change the name of the application. This can be a fun way to give your phone a new look.

This can also help keep prying eyes away from your phone, especially if you rename your banking apps or accidentally use adult apps. You can rename the app and change the icon, and it’s easier to use your phone without others knowing what apps are installed on your device.


Use these two methods to customize application icons and give your phone a new look. This not only makes Android interesting but also ensures that you don’t get tired of looking at the same app icons on your phone. You can change your device’s icon as often as you like using these methods. Both methods can be used on phones without the need to root your device or have extensive technical knowledge of smartphones.

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