Apex Launcher APK Download

Apex Launcher APK Download For Android in 2022

Apex Launcher APK Download

Want to get Apex Launcher APK Download? Then read further to know more about it.

Apex Launcher APK Download is a popular and widely used app that provides users with an amazing experience of customization.

This helps them to change the look and feel of their device and make it more personal. Apex Launcher APK includes features such as different themes, icon packs, gesture control, dock switcher, etc.

The primary objective behind this app is to provide the user with complete control over how they want their phone to behave. In addition to this, there are many other great features available that can help you get your work done faster. For example, you can accomplish your tasks with one swipe by using super gestures.

What is an Apex Launcher App?

Apex Launcher APK Download

Apex Launcher is a home screen replacement for Android devices. It can customize your phone in many ways and make it more personal. With Apex Launcher you can change icons, themes, folders, and how things work on your phone.

Some features allow you to hide apps from the app drawer so they don’t show up anymore or create an icon pack for use with other launchers like Nova Launcher or ADW Launcher Pro.

You can download Apex Launcher for free in the Google Play Store. If you want to support the developer, then there is an in-app purchase that will remove ads and allow settings changes from outside of the home screen including your wallpaper.

The following shows all of the features I like about Apex Launcher when broken down into categories. There are a lot of options and gestures you can enable for this launcher so, if I missed something important to you, please let me know in the comments.


In Apex Launcher there are a number of ways to customize your phone from changing how it looks to change how it acts. You can change what icons look like including adding folders. Customizing your phone is as easy as picking what you want and setting it.

Here is a list of the things that can be customized: Folders Folder Icons Drawer Groups Scroll Effects Subgrid Positioning Persistent Search Bar Icon Size, Style, Url Action Bars & KitKat Indicator Animation Transition Animation Scale Recents Apps & Recents Switcher Page Indicator Styles Tap Action Gestural Navigation Dock Background Fading Edge Effect Apex Launcher also provides an API for use with task automation programs such as Tasker.

It allows you to perform certain tasks when using specific gestures. This feature goes above and beyond just being able to use gestures from outside the launcher like most launchers offer to allow this to work almost all the time with little or no issue.

You can also change the look and style of your phone from many, many themes to very specific icons for those apps you want to stand out from the crowd.

Screen previews are another option that Apex Launcher provides as a way to quickly open an app or perform another action. It allows customizing what you use these screen previews for including folders and gestures.

You can even customize how it looks by changing colors, size, opacity, and transparency among other little tweaks like adding rounded corners or changing which corner is shown based on where you tap on it making it feel more like real folders than just virtual ones like some others offer (I’m looking at you ADW).

Apex Launcher also supports gestures that launch/close apps directly from the home screen. The gestures include click, double-click, swipe up & down, pinch in & out. You can also create your gestures that do whatever you want them to do which is pretty awesome if you use apps like Tasker.

Appearance Apex Launcher has tons of themes and icon packs to choose from including ones with support for ADW Icon Packs so they work on other launchers as well. It’s easy to find something you like or even create your theme.

There are also many different options for changing the look of your folders including background colors and images using an overlay overtop another image that shows through giving off a unique effect depending on what images you use. You can also use custom backgrounds if you’d rather not have a preset one.

Apex Launcher also supports ADW Icon Packs so you can mix and match with other launchers to give your phone a unique look. This doesn’t just go for the icons, but the folders as well giving you almost endless possibilities. There are even some included themes that have custom backgrounds or images that you can use with this feature.

Apex Launcher APK Download

How to Use Apex Launcher APK?

Apex Launcher APK is an app that can be used to customize your Android phone. It lets you change the way it looks and feels, by adding new icons, wallpapers, themes, animations, and more. The best part about Apex Launcher APK? You don’t need any technical skills! All you need to do is install this app on your device and then follow these simple instructions:

1) Add a custom icon pack to get rid of the default ones included in the launcher. 

2) Change the home screen grid size so that there are no restrictions on how many apps can be displayed at one time. 

3) Turn off the scrolling cache so that when you scroll up or down through your apps list, there is a smooth animation.

4) Turn off Auto-arrange to move all of your apps into the grid pattern that you have set.

5) Change the app drawer’s background color, add a custom wallpaper for the drawer, and hide app names on drawer icons to make everything look even sleeker.

6) Adjust transition animations and scroll speed to get the perfect custom Android experience.

When you’re done, Apex Launcher APK will look great and feel much better than your stock launcher. The customization options available in this app are endless and easy to use, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try today! There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun with your phone.

All of the modifications that can be made to Apex Launcher APK are done through its settings menu, which is conveniently located in the top right corner of the screen. To access it, simply tap once on the black home button. There is a second click needed if you’re using an older version of Android Lollipop (5.0 and below).

Just take a look at all of the changes you can make

To add a new icon pack, tap on “Apex Settings” and then go to “Style”. There should be an option called “Icon Pack” with three options to choose from. Pick your desired icon pack and then swipe over to the home screen. It should appear after a few seconds.

You are more than welcome to have up to 9 home screens, depending on how many you think your device can handle. To change this number, go into Apex Settings and tap on “Grid”. The first option is the number of home screens that will be available for you to swipe through. You can set the number of apps displayed on each page, but this isn’t necessary.

You can make your app drawer look different by changing colors and hiding the names of apps that are stored there. Just go into Apex Settings > Drawer and apply these new settings. You can choose to change the color of the background, font, text, and icon color of your apps. You can even turn off the app names altogether.

Once you’re done with Apex Launcher APK customizations, swipe over to the home screen and tap on the black circle in the bottom right corner of your device’s screen. This will return you to Apex Settings. Tap once on the white checkmark at the top right corner and you’re all done.


Apex Launcher APK Download is a lightweight, fast and customizable home screen replacement for Android devices. It offers features that are not available on the default Home Screen on your phone or tablet.

The launcher allows you to customize everything from scrolling speed to icon size and color schemes-and it does this all while keeping an eye on battery life! With its elegant design, user-friendly interface, and powerful customization options, Apex Launcher APK download will help make your device even more personal than before.

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