An open letter: Please enable repeated Treasurer spawns in endless missions for dedicated players

This is an issue close to my heart and I feel I must speak out on it. If I didn’t care so much, I probably wouldn’t have bothered, and yet here we are – that’s why I’m writing this open letter.

The recycled corpus nave tile is probably my favorite tile, both visually and sonically. I love finding the prisoners of Solaris and rescuing them just for that fuzzy feeling of warmth (probably also a way of dealing with my own trauma), which is an incredibly addictive system for me.

Such beautiful tiles.

And yet… I’m afraid to go. I’m afraid to go to my favorite tile.

There are so many captured Solaris and so few treasurers that I will never have enough coins to capture them all,
and I will have to leave poor Solaris behind. The emotional weight of this situation is too great for me to communicate with her on a regular basis.

I know, I know, they’re not real. The whole game is not real, but still …..
The emotion it evokes in us is real. I save them because I care about them, and it’s actually kind of fun to engage with the game in a non-lethal way at those times.

This happens all too often.

The chamberlain always appears very late in the mission, if one wants to make it at all, and rarely waits for him. Most people also don’t know that a chamberlain doesn’t appear if there are
people within 35 feet of the loot.
I always try to encourage people to wait, but it doesn’t always work.

Explaining and begging your teammates to do each mission becomes rather tedious.

I’m also usually the only one who can save Solaris (aside from the friend I’ve summoned), so I have to save 2 or 3 Solaris per mission (sometimes more, I’ve had as many as five in one mission), with the ability to send one back if my teammates are good enough to wait.
On the other hand, if I go alone, I can wait for the Chamberlain to multiply and definitely get the coin, but that means I absolutely have to be the one to save all of Solaris.
In some missions (Crossfire, Corpus Sortie ship with non-union enemies), treasurers don’t appear at all, while prisoners do – a faux pas?
No matter how I look at it, completing a mission on this tile means an average loss of coins, so saving Solaris is not feasible.

The sidekick model can help…..

I’ve got it. Grana Krona must be an extremely rare source. They want this source to be important. Still, there must be a way to get more for the hardcore players. The Acolyte model would be perfect for this – allowing the Chamberlain to spawn multiple times in endless missions, and allowing highly dedicated players to get enough Granum crowns without sacrificing perceived rarity. If you have to lose these coins on long bets, they are still important.

I would cultivate it thoroughly – it would be a permanent destination for me.
It would be something consequential for me that I would love to play on the MR29+.

What I’m trying to say is:
Please let us save our brothers and sisters of Solaris. For all of us… Elevator. Together.

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