How To Install Acme Live Net Kodi Add On

How To Install Acme Live Net Kodi Add On 2022

How To Install Acme Live Net Kodi Add On

Do you guys wanna know how to install Acme Live Net Kodi Add On? Read further to know more about it.

The ACME LiveNet Kodi Add-on is a third-party add-on available in the LooNactics Asylum Repository. It is developed and managed by Tech e Coyote. It covers content from all around the globe.

It is an international add-on with movies, TV shows, documentaries, Live streaming, 24/7 streaming, news, music, and much more from every country. So, sit back in your home and enjoy the shows.

This Kodi Add-on is very extensive and has a long list of section overview with content from various countries displayed in their languages like German, French, Australian, and in various regional languages like Bangla, Punjabi, South Indian, etc. Then there are categories like movies, music, sports, kids, news, Live, cooking, etc.

The ACME LiveNet Kodi Add-on works very smoothly with Kodi 19 “Matrix”. You can download the Kodi application on your desired device from their app store. The Kodi TV is supportive of devices like-

  • Android devices- TV and Mobile
  • Windows PC and Mobile
  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Raspberry Pi
  • PlayStation console

In this article, I will detail to you the ACME LiveNet Kodi Add-on and the process to install it on your device. 

Installing The Acme Livenet Kodi Add-on

How To Install Acme Live Net Kodi Add On 2022

Installation Of The Loonatics Repository

The ACME LiveNet Kodi Add-on can be installed from the LooNatics Repository. This repository is not available on the official website of Kodi repositories, hence, has to be installed from the official website of GitHub.

For those who are unaware of GitHub, it is a website that has a huge collection of repositories. You can visit the official website using the following URL- 

Follow the steps given below to install the LooNatics Repository on your device-

STEP 1: Start the Kodi application.

STEP 2: Click open the Settings.

STEP 3: System ⇒ Add-ons

STEP 4: On the right side of your window, you will find Unknown Source* with a switch. Turn the switch to “ON” to enable the installation from unknown sources.

Your device will send you an alert as soon as you will switch the button, click on Yes and continue.

STEP 5: Head back to the Settings.

STEP 6: Click open the File Manager tab.

STEP 7: Within File Manager, Add Source ⇒ <None>

STEP 8: A dialogue box will appear with a space provided to enter a URL. Copy the following URL-, now hit the OK button.

STEP 9: Beneath the URL path you will find a box to enter the name for your source media file. Type “LooNatics”, cross-check the details and press OK.

STEP 10: Return to the Home Screen, open the Add-ons from the menu list.

STEP 11: Open the Add-on Browser and click on the “Install From ZIP File”

An alert message will pop up disclosing to you that any file that has been installed from a ZIP File will have to be manually updated. Click “Yes” to continue the process.

STEP 12: Now click open your source file “LooNatics”, a window will appear with a file named- “”. Click on the file.

STEP 13: The wait will soon be over and your repository will get successfully installed on your device.

*Enabling the Unknown Source exposes your device to external threats like hacking and phishing. It has to be enabled to install these third-party add-ons. You can disable the unknown sources accordingly. Use a VPN service to secure your device.

Installing the ACME LiveNet Kodi Add-on

The next step after installing the repository is to install the ACME LiveNet Add-on from it.

Follow the steps below to install the ACME LiveNet Kodi Add-on-

STEP 1: On the home page of the Kodi application, click open the Add-ons from the menu list.

STEP 2: Open the Add-on Browser.

STEP 3: Open “Install From Repository”.

STEP 4: You can see the “LooNatics Asylum Repository” with all the other installed repositories. Click it open.

STEP 5: Within the repository, select the Video Add-ons.

STEP 6: Choose the ACME LiveNet Kodi Add-on and hit the Install tab present on the bottom right corner of the screen.

STEP 7: A dialogue box will pop up displaying all the affiliated files called Dependencies*. Accept the installation of these files to continue the installation process.

STEP 8: Head to the Home screen. 

STEP 9: Voila! Your brand new add-on will pop up in a bubble on the top right corner of the screen as soon as it is installed.

Relax and binge-watch all the shows anywhere anytime.

*Dependencies as the name suggests, the add-on is dependent on these files to work properly and smoothly. These are the additional add-ons that have to be installed with the principal add-on and cannot be deleted unless you plan to delete the principal add-on.

Protect Your Device

It is proposed to use a VPN service while using the third-party add-ons on the Kodi TV. VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that enciphers your username, real-time location, and browsing history from your Internet Service Provider or ISP and people online.

You can boost the speed of your data transmission using a VPN. It connects your network to public WiFi for better speed.

As you are aware that you are required to enable the Unknown Source to install these third-party add-ons like ACME LiveNet Kodi Add-on on your device. This imposes threats like hacking, phishing, and virus attack on your device. VPN secures your device from such threats.

VPN enables your access to the geo-restricted content available on the add-ons by changing your location.

It connects you to the server that can help you fake your location and gives you access to the content without getting it to the notice of your ISP and the government.

WARNING: Streaming into inaccessible content using a VPN is illegal and can lead you to convictable offenses. If you do not use a VPN service with trustworthy security norms, you can easily get hacked as it connects you to public WiFi.

VPN services can be availed by paying the subscription rate. Make sure you understand the consequences and only then invest your money into a VPN service.


ACME LiveNet Kodi Add-on is an all-rounder add-on that covers a wider range of video and audio streaming. You can get all of this free of cost.

Make sure to follow all the steps carefully and read every instruction clearly to avoid any hindrance in installing your add-on. Use a standard VPN service to secure yourself and your device.

Feel free to share your comments and queries about the article. We look forward to hearing from you.

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