15 Top Firestick Apps For Amazon July 2022: Free Movies, Series and Live TV

Amazon’s Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV has changed the way we watch TV at home. The device is compatible with any internet-connected TV and satellite subscriptions. The Amazon Firestick runs on an Android fork and can run hundreds of apps to watch everything from Live TV, on-demand and live sports and just about anything else. You need to be familiar with the top apps that are best for each task in order to get the most from your Firestick. We’re going to show you the Top Firestick Apps on Amazon 2022.

The Best Apps For Amazon Firestick or Fire TV: Free and Paid Apps

Although most pre-installed applications and those on Amazon require you to subscribe, you still have access to apps for free. These apps are not available in the Amazon store so you’ll need to find an alternative. We’ll help you install them in a simple and hassle-free manner.

Many of these apps offer content that could be considered illegal even though they do not host it. It is a serious risk in an age when ISPs as well as governments actively monitor internet users. An app will help you hide your activity. This app is the top-rated app on our Firestick Apps list.

1. VPN (Privacy, Security & Geo Restrictions)

Best VPN Services

The first application you need to install is a VPN app. This VPN app is meant to encrypt and tunnel your data into the servers at a chosen location. Your ISP cannot spy on you and can’t know anything about you online once you have turned it on. ISPs will throttle the speed of your internet connection when you stream; this is to prevent excessive bandwidth usage.

While there are many VPN providers out there, most fail to meet at least one requirement:

  • Geographic diversity Many streams may only be available in one country, so it’s important to connect to a VPN that has servers around the world to deblock them.
  • Internet speed The encryption of contents can naturally slow down internet speeds; the VPN chosen must ensure a fast internet connection.
  • Safety and Privacy: Usually, when you access any server (even VPN servers), your IP is recorded on the log file. To prevent users from being identified, a good VPN uses a “zero log” policy.

Check out our list of top-rated VPNs, both paid and free.

The best VPNs

We chose IPVanish from the list above. The application tunnels and encrypts browsing data using high security standards. simultaneously replaces the original IP address with the VPN server IP. Once you have turned it on, you ISP won’t be able spy on you or know anything about you online. Also your navigation will work quickly and easily.

IPVanish is the best VPN for Firestick, beating all others because it focuses on streaming. It has fast speeds and can stream HD in HD. There are servers around the globe and works with Netflix, as well as almost every other streaming service. IPVanish also offers a Firestick app that you can easily download from Amazon.

IPVanish allows you to access content from any region of the globe, and stream content to your computer without worrying about your internet service provider.


  • High Speed: Live Streaming Guarantees Smooth Experience
  • Large Server Network: For a stable and fast connection, you can connect to another server.
  • Unlimited Devices: You can connect multiple devices simultaneously!
  • Unblock Everything: Secure access to blocked apps, websites, and torrent sites.
  • Cloud Storage 500GB SugarSync Cloud Storage
  • Great Privacy: Your activities will only be known by you.
  • High-quality Security: The VPN offers multiple protocols and security features like a kill switch, DNS and IPv6 protection.
  • 100-day money back guarantee If you are not satisfied with the service you can cancel your order within 30 days.

Take advantage of our readership to receive a special discount on 65%. Now, get 65% IPVanish!

2. Aptoide TV (App Store)

Aptoide is an alternative app store

Amazon Firestick might have the Amazon Store but it won’t be able to serve you many of these apps on Amazon Firestick Apps. You will need to use sideloading apps on Firestick, or find an alternative app store. For sideloading apps onto Firestick we always have guides. However, Aptoide TV is the best app for this purpose.

AptoideTV is an app store with over 2,500 apps. Most of these apps work flawlessly on Android TV and Firestick. The majority of apps listed on this page are also available via Aptoide. This makes it one of our favorite apps for Firestick.

How to Install Aptoide On Firestick

3. Kodi (Live TV, Movies & TV Shows & Live Sports)

Kodi is a popular media center

Kodi, an open-source media center for home that is free to install on Firestick can be used to view almost all types of video. The user interface is very attractive, and the power of the app’s third-party extensions makes it stand out.

You can watch live TV, sports, movies and music with thousands of Kodi add-ons. This app is one of our top picks for the best Firestick Live TV apps. You can access all of these HD. To make it , you will need to download the most effective addons to Kodi. Remember to install third-party Kodi addons using a VPN.

How to Install Kodi On Firestick

4. Cinema HD (Movies and TV Shows).

Cinema HD is one of the alternatives to TVZion

CinemaHD is the best free streaming app to watch movies and TV series. The app offers a large library of TV and movie shows that is regularly updated.

Cinema HD is extremely easy-to-use and provides hundreds of streaming links. These can be viewed at up to 1080p. Real-debrid can be integrated to receive HD links, and Trakt.tv allows you to keep track of your viewing.

This is the best place to start if you’re just starting in streaming APKs.

How to install Cinema HD on Firestick

5. Stremio (Movies & TV Shows)

Stremio is an excellent streaming application

Stremio has some similarities to Kodi, as it supports addons. The media streamer is unique in that it offers a cloud-based service which is accessible across all devices with an account. This means that you can pause any movie from one device and continue it on another.

Stremio also uses P2P technology and BitTorrent, as opposed to Kodi which pulls streams from sites. To hide traffic from your ISP, and unblock torrent streams on banned sites, you will need a VPN app such as IPVanish.

You will then be able to stream a lot more TV and movies than Kodi. You can also start PiratesBay+ and Popcorn Time with RARBG. Stremio should be a top-of-the-line must have!

How to Install Stremio On Firestick

6. Live NetTV (Live TV).

Live NetTV APK

Live NetTV is one the most downloaded live TV streaming apps and one of our top apps for Firestick. Live NetTV is a live streaming TV app that specializes in. This app offers 700+ TV channel, divided into different categories and countries.

Live NetTV’s most notable feature is the live events section. This lists all major current and future events. You can view events that are taking place the day before and on the day after. All events often have multiple streams.

Live NetTV is currently ad-supported. However, there is now a pro version which requires you to allow the use of idle resources.

Take a look at our Live NetTV Install Tutorial

7. Popcorn Time (Movies and TV Shows).

Popcorn Time is a popular streaming application

Popcorn Time, another popular movie app for Firestick is Popcorn Time. It has been around for many years. It has an excellent interface which lists TV shows and movies based on their popularity. You can organize titles by genre, popularity date year and quality.

Popcorn Time, unlike other apps like Cinema HD uses an embedded BitTorrent client which allows you to stream TV and movies through an inbuilt player. Popcorn Time first downloads a part of the file before streaming . Smooth streaming can be enjoyed even with slow internet connections.

You’ll have to make sure that the IPVanish application is , as torrents are used in this app.

How to install popcorn time on a Firestick

8. RedBox TV (Live TV).

RedBox TV APK to watch Live TV

RedBox TV App APK is another great live TV app. It describes itself as “a box full of entertainment” This app distinguishes itself from other Live TV apps because of its consistently fast performance and ability to stream buffer-free.

RedBox TV offers a huge library of satellite TV channels, which you can view in SD or HD free. You can group the channels into different categories such as Science, Sports, Children, Religion and so on. There are channels available from twenty countries, including the United Kingdom and United States.

How to Install RedBox TV On Firestick

9. Cuco TV (ZiniTevi).

ZiniTevi app

ZiniTevi, a movie streaming application that gained lots of people. Its unique and stunning interface has been a major reason for this success. This allows users to break away from the Terrarium layout that is used in almost all TV and movie APKs.

ZiniTevi has been updated to Cuco TV. It still has the smooth interface which group films into most popular production companies/franchises and then shows the latest episodes. Cuco TV streaming is easy . You can click the 1-click Watch Now button and also choose to first download your title. You should definitely check it out.

How to install Cuco TV/ ZiniTevi Firestick

10. TVTap Pro (Live TV)

TvTap apk is a streaming app to watch live TV channels for free

TVTap PRO is another great app for streaming live to Firestick. A Firestick/ Fire TV version has been released by the developers. It works flawlessly on Firestick. TVTap has a distinct advantage over other live TV apps. Its super clean and attractive interface is

TVTap offers over 900 TV channel from various European countries as well as the USA, Canada and India. Enjoy streaming in HD and free of ads by choosing a channel from Entertainment, Sports or Music. With the new Pro version, users can disable advertisements by using idle resources .

How to Install TVTap On Firestick and Android TV Box

11. TeaTV

TeaTV is a popular streaming apk

TeaTV is another Firestick app that streamers will love. This app, a streaming APK for TV and movies, has been around for a while and has seen a lot of growth due to its consistent. TeaTV offers a large selection of TV and movies that can be streamed in HD. TeaTV also offers more streams than the average. You can stream in HD up to 1080p.

TeaTV’s Live TV function allows you to stream live TV. Although it doesn’t aggregate content, users can configure M3U lists easily to stream live TV for free.

How to Install TeaTV on Android TV & Firestick

12. Netflix and YouTube

Netflix is a popular streaming service

YouTube is a popular streaming service for videos

We know that most people can’t survive without them. YouTube and Netflix are the two most downloaded apps in the Amazon App Store. This is despite the FirestickUI’s focus on Amazon Prime Content.

YouTube does not require Google services for it to function, and so it works smoothly on Firestick. To use Netflix you’ll still require a subscription. The apps can be downloaded from the Amazon App Store.

13. Downloader (Utility).

Downloader is an utility app

The majority of these apps aren’t available in the Amazon App Store. This means that Firestick users will need to have an app to download the APK. Downloader is the most popular app to download APKs for this. It deserves to be included in the top apps for Amazon Firestick and Fire TV.

Downloader allows you to add download links to the app. It then downloads immediately, or redirects you directly to the download page. You can search for an app using Google if you do not have the link. The Downloader helps you to download and install the application. It also deletes the APK file for space savings. Downloader can be found on Amazon Store.

14. FileLinked (Utility).

Filelinked is an app for bulk downloading

FileLinked, a filesharing application that allows you to sideload apps onto Firestick. This app allows you to create virtual apps stores which group multiple apps together. Administrators simply need to provide the download link for the app and some additional details in order to add an application. Stores are often identified with codes.

Finding the best FileLinked store can sometimes be hard. However, we often provide updated guides that will help you find them. Here’s a guide to the top FileLinked stores for 2022. There are apps you can use for streaming almost any content.

FileLinked on Firestick: How do you get started?

15. Mouse Toggle (Utility).

Mouse toggle is a utility app

The majority of these apps were originally created for Android phones but later adapted to the TV version. You may still experience remote problems when using these apps. Some buttons were designed for touch screens.

Mouse Toggle turns your Firestick remote in to a mouse. It allows you to navigate to any area of your screen, and to select options that aren’t otherwise available. Check out this tutorial to learn how to set up Mouse Toggle for Firestick.

What is the best way to install these apps on Amazon Firestick

Aptoide was one of the first to feature on our list of Amazon Apps for Firestick. You can find nearly any app in this list by searching and installing Aptoide. You can copy the APK link you want to the Downloader if it is not listed.

If you don’t have it already, make sure you turn off “unknown sources” before installing any third-party apps on Firestick. Go to Settings > Device > Developer Options on your Fire TV Stick. Turn on “Allow Apps from Unknown Sources” by activating “ADB Debugging”.

Take a bow

You can elevate your home entertainment experience by choosing the best apps for Amazon Firestick devices. The new trend is to cut the cord. With the following list of top apps for Amazon Firestick devices or Fire TVs, it’s easy to have everything you want on your large screen. However…

You should remember that not all apps are legal. If you don’t own the content, you will need to use a VPN. IPVanish is available from Amazon or here. It will provide you with the security and freedom that you need.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy

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